A Wargame: AirLand Battle mod

Download the mod:

HobMod v 1.20

Available for MacOS on request


Click here

Modding tools available at GitHub.

HobMod changes most of vanilla prices and availabilities. Main changes:

All nations have a tank of the line priced at 35 points that has great availability. Worse tanks are very cheap but have limited availability, better tanks are exponentially more expensive.

Planes and helicopters are relatively cheap and common but significantly more vulnerable due to increased air to air and ground to air weapon ranges.

Infantry pricing moved from vehicles to men. IFVs are now very cheap. Fast APCs were nerfed: for better value take slow APCs.

Artillery is significantly more powerful but both limited in numbers and very supply dependent.

Radar-guided SAMs have been changed to mobile SAM sites with extremely long range. Their price tag matches their utility.

Anti-helicopter systems are either cheap or powerful. Most systems match helicopter ATGM ranges.

Recon is priced according to its utility. Armored recon is very cheap.

Most other unit types have undergone slight changes.

Additional changes:

Deck building rules have been modified heavily.

Campaign rules have been modified.

AI now has significant point advantage over human player at all skill levels. For maximum challenge play against 2 AI armored decks.

Air combat ranges have been heavily changed. Plane-carried missiles now have 4-12km ranges, while most SAM systems have 6-7km ranges. Plane refueling and rearming times are significantly longer.

Artillery fires significantly longer salvos now. All 155mm guns fire a salvo of 8 rounds.


Unzip the file in main Wargame AirLand Battle folder and replace the existing NDF_Win.dat file. Copy Steam\steamapps\common\Wargame Airland Battle\Data\PC\2100001553\Wargame2.exe to Steam\steamapps\common\Wargame Airland Battle . Start the game normally and it should work.

Double check the directories! They are not the same!

There is a risk that the mod will mess up your decks. Back up your profile before trying the mod! Backing up Steam\userdata\43419730\222750 should be enough.

Copy Wargame2.exe from the latest patch folder back to main folder to reverse the changes. Alternatively verify game cache on Steam to download everything back to the way it was: the download is about 40 megabytes.

It doesn't work? Check that:

- you actually copied the .exe to main folder
- you replaced the old NDF_Win.dat with the modded file. If the modded file is NDF_Win (1).dat etc. it won't work.
- in case of disaster contact me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/hobgadling


Steam Group for setting up games. Discussion on official forums. I'd love to hear experiences and feedback from players.

ALB-Replays.info accepts modded replays. Feel free to upload your games there.

Other feedback? Send mail to feedback (at) hobmod dot com

Have fun!

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS MOD. I am also not responsible for any direct or indirect damage it causes. It is provided as-is. On your own head be it!